Do It Yourself?

Custom designed lighting costs more, but like indoor lighting, it becomes a part of your home

DIY Outdoor Lighting Versus Custom Landscape Lighting

With the increasing popularity in low voltage landscape lighting, there is now a huge variety of so-called "all-in-one landscape lighting kits" being sold in hardware stores and home centers throughout the United States.

Homeowners often ask why they should pay for custom designed LED low voltage landscape lighting when they can purchase a simple DIY landscape lighting "kit".

The answer is simple, prepackaged kits may carry an attractive price and offer speedy installation, but the end result leaves much to be desired. Kits are usually supplied with too many low wattage fixtures, a minimal amount of cable and an under-powered transformer. The resulting installation typically has about 8 or 10 fixtures along a 20' section of walkway like a miniature runway. The fixtures (and the glare) are readily visible and are subject to vandalism or damage from maintenance equipment. The construction of fixtures is of a thin plastic that degrades in the sunlight causing them to last 2 to 3 years at best. The "all-in-one" lamps provided with the fixtures seldom produce enough light to provide dramatic effects and limit the overall flexibility of lighting design.

Custom designed lighting costs more yes, but like indoor lighting, it becomes a permanent part of your home, an upgrade that enhances the value of your property. Professional-grade fixtures are made of metal; usually copper, aluminum or powder-coated steel. We also utilize ABS plastic for all well lights. Most fixtures can be ordered with a wide range of optional bulbs so that the spread and length of the beam can be controlled and dramatic lighting effects can be achieved. The wide range of fixture designs insures that fixtures can be hidden or properly placed so that they will be aesthetically pleasing when seen during the day. Also, many DIY kits do not offer the more beneficial LED bulbs.

Consider custom landscape lighting as a long-lasting upgrade for your property. An investment in your landscaping that will allow you to use your property after sunset and provide added beauty, safety and security. We create a distinctive look for your home so your landscape lighting doesn't have to look like your neighbors.