Lighting Fixtures

Whether you choose brass, aluminum, copper or composite

Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

When choosing fixtures it is important to understand the various types of fixtures that exist as this could save thousands of dollars and head off any future disappointment due to below par quality and longevity of the fixture. Many fixtures sold out there look good in catalogues, on the internet or on display at your local big box store, but will not hold up as claimed.

There are many fixture manufactures out there making all kinds of claims. I only recommend and install fixtures that have been proven durable and will perform to the printed and claimed specification and last for years. My history and knowledge of what works and what does not in lighting fixture is important and time tested.

I am confident, whether you choose brass, aluminum, copper or composite, it will be a choice you will not regret. I will help you decide between halogen or the latest in LED lighting for your interior lighting or outdoor landscape lighting project.