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Low Voltage Lighting Demonstration & Free Consultation

A magnificent home that is admired by day with its beautiful landscaping - trees, shrubs, flower gardens - is transformed at night - without landscape lighting - to a dark foreboding area with small puddles of glaring light at the front door.

We don't just sell landscape lighting products like LED lighting and quality fixtures and customized landscape lighting plans... we provide custom indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. We will show you how a complete lighting system will work with your home and landscaping. This way, you can "see before you decide." We will show the quality products we use in all our lighting installations and help you decide if low voltage halogen lighting or more modern LED lighting is the best for you.

Take pride in the outside of your home and grounds and enjoy your landscaping at night! The right outdoor lighting plan allows you to derive the full benefits of your landscape investment after the sun goes down.

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